Frontier Publishing Poetry

The Green Book of Poetry (ed.Mosley) front cover

Frontier Publishing Poetry

The Green Book of Poetry
Ivo Mosley (ed)
Described as 'A book for our time' and more than capable of changing readers' lives, this is our bestseller. Glittering worldwide selection of 324 poems from three millennia re-asserts poetry as guardian of nature and our integrity. The highest possible recommendations for this most worthwhile of books. Rights available again from Frontier Publishing UK (after withdrawal from HarperCollins USA after 80,000 print) 352pp. p/b.
ISBN: 978-1-872914-06-0. £8.95

Euphonics - A Poet's Dictionary of Sounds
John Michell
with cartoons by Merrily Harpur
All about the natural meanings of sounds and their influence in formation of languages, as first discussed by Plato. The author approaches with humour, providing an essay and dictionary with examples. For all who delight in the play of words. 88pp. p/b.
ISBN:978-0-9508701-6-8. £5.95. Only few copies left.

*Rights sold 1999 to Wooden Books, Glastonbury, Somerset




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