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Tibetan pilgrims on Mt.Kailas parikarama

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Eye on the Hill ~ Horse Travels in Britain — The 2018 Illustrated Edition

Richard Barnes
Back in 1977 a 27 year-old man rode a 12 year-old cob through Wales, Scotland and England. For Richard Barnes, it was to be a long look at Britain, as the country passed beneath the horse's hoofs, mile by mile, through 33 counties. He edged around cities and through the hills, following every sort of route, from ancient tracks and drove roads to motor roads large and small. He never knew where he would end up at night, often tethering his horse Remus on the roadside, and meeting farmers, blacksmiths, and strange communities. His account of the journey is genuine and imaginative, with thoughts of writers such as R.L Stevenson and the poet, Matsuo Basho, as well as coal miners, drovers, druids and the hidden people. He comments on farm practice, country lore and modern society, yet the tone is gentle and nothing is examined in great detail, which helps the pace and encourages the reader to share another mile. Barnes packed a camera in the front saddlebag, but he wrote Eye on the Hill because he felt the pictures were incomplete. The book was published in the 1980s, with a U.S edition after the Millennium. It has been described as 'one of the most captivating books in modern equestrian literature' and 'a beautifully written, gentle story of one man and one horse as they travel through a Britain on the edge of change'. Adverse criticism, "too short" came from a reader disappointed to reach the end of the journey. It is a bit longer now.

THE 2018 ILLUSTRATED EDITION has many more photographs, some full-page and a few of them in colour. With an atmosphere of Time travel, they show the horse and rider, the view from the saddle, and the roads they went along. There are minor corrections and some extra text about William Cobbett's Rural Rides, but the writing has not been brought up to date and remains a story of 1977 revisited.

216 pp. H/b. ISBN: 978-1-872914-50-3. 19.77

Calling from Kashgar - A Journey through Tibet
Rod Richard
An account of travelling to Tibet, when there were fewer restrictions, thence to Mt.Kailas, holiest of all mountains. Studies in Chinese and Political Science give the author valuable insight into Tibetan nationhood.
208pp. H/b. ISBN: 978-0-9508701-7-5 £12.95


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